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Hardware tools industry needs to grasp opportunities(Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2013-12-18
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        With modern science and technology competition in the industry continue to apply , the hardware industry has become increasingly fierce. No matter what field would like to gain a foothold in the hardware industry , we must fully understand the developments in the market. Hardware tools include a variety of manual , electric, pneumatic , cutting tools, auto tools , farm tools, lifting tools, measuring tools , tools, machinery , cutting tools , industrial fixtures, tools , molds , cutting tools, grinding wheels, drill bits, polishing machine , tools, accessories, measuring and cutting tools , abrasive and so on.

Domestic enterprises are mostly hand tools to low-end products or OEM OEM , high-end products and brands is still dominated by European countries . Hand tools also because profit margins were compressed , downward movement is reduced, companies rely on price competition is difficult to establish core competencies, should explore new path of development.

Of light metal products industry is an important part of the dispute is a city full of Che and the people 's lives and sunrise industries. According to the survey noted that more than 99% of the industry to private enterprises SMEs , mainly in the provinces of Guangdong , Zhejiang, Jiangsu , Shanghai , Fujian, Shandong and Hebei .

At present many production of metal products in the world, lighters , zippers , mug , wrenches , pliers, zipper , knives, scissors and other global markets have a very large share of the impact on the world metal industry is growing. Currently, more than 220 countries and territories around the world have the presence of Chinese hardware products , the status of China's largest producer of metal products has been established . According to Luo Baihui survey data , hardware industry output value reached 800 billion yuan , more than 2005 in 2008 to maintain a 15% growth rate , which in 2008 the whole industry exports reached $ 50.3 billion , accounting for 40% -50 industry output % , in addition to an increase of 7% in 2007 , but had previously been maintained at 20 % -30 % growth .

However, since the fourth quarter of 2008, the global financial crisis on the rare export- oriented enterprises caused a huge shock. Overnight, export orders disappeared, the signed export contracts and some even have to pay the deposit , are also all kinds of excuses to return. Impact tools, hardware , architectural hardware , locks , knives, scissors , zippers and other industries affected by this crisis, the most obvious. Some people say that this is a battle no smoke , no real sense of the enemy in this battle, the real opponent is yourself. Because many of our export business is OEM -based, not have their own brand and sales channels, in the current financial crisis in our weakness fully exposed.

Customs import and export statistics: National Hardware products in the first half of this year exports amounted to 26.396 billion U.S. dollars , an increase of 33.2 percent, and imports of $ 7.984 billion , an increase of 25.1% provided by the National Bureau of hardware products in the first half of this year part of the yield analysis . Show: locks yield 850 million , an increase of 17.5% ; domestic gas production of 12.588 million units, up 5.8 percent ; household gas water heater production 6.886 million units, up 63.6% yield hood household 8,305,000 units, up . 34.7% ; daily production of 1.105 million tons of stainless steel products , an increase of 51.4 %.

Where power tools are the most widely used of the whole society hardware tools , with the progress of the times and society , power tools market is booming , and all kinds of power tools due to various quality problems caused harm to consumers have also occurred , Thus , the world market for power tools on their requirements are becoming increasingly stringent. EU for the hardware power tools to develop a special 60745-1 standard , which aims to establish a standardized hardware power tools, entering the European market for electric tools products, technical specifications , thus reducing or avoiding power tools harm caused to consumers . Europe also launched Electrical Certification Act.

Companies of all exports to the EU specifications and series of power tools , pre-export must be certified and labeled by Gasch EU Directive electrical products coming due to timely apply for certification . In addition, the detection time of power tools , the companies need to do the preparatory work in advance. More companies need to deal with the accumulation of experience, the products involved will be adjusted accordingly in accordance with EU regulations , otherwise it will be eliminated.

Che face of increasingly fierce market battle , if domestic enterprises do not pay attention to this , it will affect their long-term development , good sales and good service is the top priority . Worldwide sales of electric tools , mostly from China's production and exports, China has become the world's leading suppliers of power tools . Electric tools industry in the development, some problems have become increasingly apparent.

Especially in research and development system has been slow , obvious gap with foreign countries , export earning low , lower performance levels , the price is low , small scale, low- set level , raw material prices and other factors severely restricted the further development of the industry and improvement of the quality . Electric tools enterprises must seize new developments , increase scientific and technological innovation, and actively carry out product certification and accelerate business transformation efforts, and improve supporting measures to actively create conditions to attract foreign investment to promote enterprise asset restructuring , the only way under the new situation invincible.

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