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Domestic hardware industry will vigorously develop new products to replace impo(Hits:) 
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        Hardware Tools is the general term for iron, steel, aluminum and other metals through forging , rolling, cutting, and other physical processing made ??of various metal devices. Hardware Tools divided according to the product's use , can be divided into tools, hardware , architectural hardware, daily hardware , locks abrasive, kitchen hardware , home hardware and other types of metal parts .

        Hardware tools include a variety of manual , electric, pneumatic , cutting tools, auto tools , farm tools, lifting tools, measuring tools , tools, machinery , cutting tools , industrial fixtures, tools , molds , cutting tools, grinding wheels, drill bits, polishing machine , tools, accessories, measuring and cutting tools , abrasive and so on.

        2013 , on the hardware market , American and European countries due to the rapid development of production technology and labor costs rise, the universality of products produced by the developing countries themselves only produce high value-added products. And China has a strong market potential , it is more beneficial to the development of metal processing export powerhouse. China's hardware market is mainly distributed in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai , Guangdong and Shandong and other places , including Zhejiang and Guangdong, the most prominent.

        Despite China's production of various hardware tools are widely used in various industries , and achieved significant economic benefits , but there is still a certain gap between the technology level of similar foreign products , to develop hardware and tools industry , pay close attention to new products, new development process , accelerate the development of China's hardware tools industry, enhance economic efficiency and the overall level of technology.

        Currently , the entire hardware industry leading role is not strong. Hardware tools industry leading technology backbone enterprises in the domestic market , the overall competitiveness of the industry and other obvious advantages . Furthermore , technological innovation capability is weak, the market structure is too simple. Hardware Tools from the main business of foreign trade orders, high dependence on exports , under the influence of the economic crisis triggered by the global financial crisis , a sharp decline of these export markets for the survival and development has posed a serious threat to brand building is lagging behind. Most companies rely on OEM hardware tools production, lack of visibility and core competitiveness.

        Therefore, our hardware tools industry must increase investment , pay close attention to the development of new technologies , new processes to promote new products and continue to broaden the application of diamond fields , improve the overall technological level of hardware tools industry and market competitiveness , variety , quality and survival, to scientific and technological progress and development.

         Hardware tools to meet the needs of domestic and foreign markets , we must accelerate the development of new products , improve product quality, increase product variety and improve production. In recent years , machinery, gems , medical equipment , wood, glass, steel , stone handicrafts, ceramics and composites processing areas of demand for non-metallic brittle materials hardware tools increases every year, at present, the country is still dependent on imports of these products , it is necessary as soon as possible developed various series of high-quality hardware and tools, to replace imports.

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