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Hardware Power Tools golden period of development when the situation of foreign (Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2013-12-18
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        Domestic hardware tools are widely used in geological exploration , stone , machinery, automobile and defense industries , the level of the manufacturing process used for abrasive machining , geology drill and stone cutting tools have been greatly improved. Products have been formed , standardization , different specifications , product quality , some of the products has a competitive edge in the international market.

Use of power tools and pneumatic tools, and even more to facilitate the use of pneumatic tools than it has small size body , long life , safety, and better energy -saving advantages . On the current overall situation is concerned, it is also more complete varieties and specifications , if the wind chisel , gun drilling , polishing machine, impact wrench .

China launched the manufacturing and technology research and application of electric late start , but there is a great development over the past decade . Because of pneumatic tools with high-quality, high-speed, high output power and high precision characteristics, so the promotion of electric technology will soon be applied to various industrial sectors , and created significant economic benefits .

Power Tools golden period of development

Our country is a major producer and exporter of hardware tools , where sales of power tools in the world , the vast majority are from China's production and exports, China has become the world's leading suppliers of power tools . Although China's large-scale hardware tools industry , but due to technical innovation capability is weak, the market structure over a single, weak brands and other factors affecting many hardware production enterprises often lack the core competitiveness , it is difficult bigger and stronger.

According to the Secretary-General of the International Mould & Metal & Plastic Industry Suppliers Association, Luo Hui , China's domestic power tool market , the number of domestic sales of power tools has accounted for 90% of total sales, while a variety of imported brands is only 10 % market share . Foreign power tool market , an expanding Chinese manufacturing , China has become a global power tools production base. Domestic power tools market quality and brand power tools more stringent , whether electric tools dealer , or end users directly , attach great importance to the quality and brand power tools . Therefore, the market to good quality, good brand power tools inclination to increase . This is a way to improve , indicating power tools market matures.

After the international economic recovery , hardware tools ushered in a golden period of development of export markets, especially in developing markets . Since the machining industry is lagging behind in developing countries and overall aging , the prevalence of strong demand for imported products, hardware tools , hardware products business is quick to seize this great opportunity, through trade agreements and exchanges , and gradually open up the capacity of the huge export market and trading business. Luo Baihui suggested hardware when the situation of foreign trade enterprises to make timely response measures , and actively participate in international exhibitions , improve product quality , increase product innovation, to create a low-carbon products according to the international economic situation , understand the EU directive , such as the export of metal products , thus The banner opened to expand foreign markets , enhance our hardware products in the international market share.

Power tools business trade marketing strategy:

Improve the technical level

In order to consolidate the market has been occupied , and further develop and exploit new markets in the future focus on the following aspects: to further improve product quality, accelerate new product development. Particular emphasis on accelerating the battery electric tools and electric tools developed electronically controlled , continuously improve the level and quality of power tools .

To intensive production techniques , flexibility , automation , specialization and cooperation of production and network development . Should gradually shift to export its own brand-name products from the OEM , export neutral packing way . OEM , neutral packaging production does rapid expansion of China's exports of electric tools play an important role , but this is not the long term, because this mode of operation can not establish the image of Chinese enterprises , create their own brand , our Some manufacturers only is unknown plants, but to reap huge profits while middlemen . In addition , OEM trademark infringement disputes often hidden hazards . To promote a more healthy development , safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the power tool industry in product exports must strive to create their own brand , should get the profits of power tools market foreign trade . Carry out a comprehensive power tool safety certification and electromagnetic compatibility certification, power tools implemented an export license , and constantly improve the quality and level of the power tool .

Open up new markets

Further studies in European and American power tools trade practices, in a stable and expanding our power tools market share in North America, Western Europe , while actively explore new markets and achieve market diversification , with particular focus on developing markets in Africa , Latin America and Eastern Europe .

Against the low prices , regulate the export market . China exports a lot of power tools except for some foreign products , in general, prices are relatively low , the main reason for this phenomenon is the low prices between exporters. The harm is very serious, some state-owned enterprise product quality is generally excellent, but because of the higher costs falling by the wayside in the competition , and some poor quality , even poor who take advantage of low prices the way they have exported , resulting in international cause adverse impact on the market and damage the image of our products . Especially in the past two years, this phenomenon has been extended to the domestic market foreign trade market , causing the entire industry overall economic downturn . For the benefit of the nation , we must further regulate the market today , to promote fair competition , so that power tools truly thriving trade market .

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