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Manufacturer of rotary drilling rig competition(Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2013-12-18
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        With China's high- speed railway construction project 630 billion investment in rail transit construction projects ever approved urbanization policy to pull 40 trillion investment policy forthcoming production of rotary drilling rig companies are gearing up tempted to try it.

        Rotary drilling rig is suitable for construction machinery into the hole in the foundation engineering construction jobs . Primarily for soil construction sand, clay , silt , etc., in the pile , continuous wall , a variety of foundation construction foundation reinforcement are widely used , rotary drilling rig rated power is generally 125 ~ 450kW, power output torque is 120 ~ 400kN · m, maximum pore diameter of up to 1.5 ~ 4m, maximum pore depth of 60 ~ 90m, to meet the requirements of various large-scale infrastructure construction .

        Rotary drilling rig driven by Qinghai-Tibet Railway Engineering industry due to the Beijing Olympics and the 2003 projects , market awareness is rapidly increasing, the rapid expansion of market capacity. Rising market demand attracted to enter the domestic large-scale engineering machinery enterprises , Sany , XCMG, Zoomlion and Sunward have been involved , and the rapid expansion of the market share. After 2005 , the domestic brands of rotary drilling rig has basically replaced the foreign brands. Since 2006, Rotary Drilling was leaps and bounds in recent years sales growth . Especially in 2009 , the domestic manufacturers of rotary drilling rig up to 30 , launched nearly 200 types of products, market holdings to nearly 4,000 units , an unprecedented fierce competition in the market .

        The first half of 2012 , there have been fleeting railway construction period of stagnation , the second half , railway construction to get strong support of national policy, substantial growth investment. 2012 can be said to be a "blowout" of subway construction in China . Last November 26 , Beijing , Nanchang , Fuzhou and Urumqi four urban rail transit construction plan is approved, a total investment of 134.69 billion yuan . On September 5 this two months ago , 18 cities, 25 urban rail project plan approved investment over 800 billion yuan . By this calculation, the total investment scale urban rail approved in the year 2012 nearly 1 trillion yuan . These projects will be pulling the rotary drilling rig products sales strong support.

        It is a collection of online center will have 245 models of rotary drilling rig products, brands reached 36 , respectively, Liebherr, XCMG , Sany , Zoomlion , Fukuda Revo , Sunward , Hill pushed , Terex Adams , Kato , Yuchai, peak Heavenly , Yutong Heavy Industries, radius , Liugong , constant day 1995 and Bauer , Hongda , Shandong YUANYOU , Kim machinery, move mountains, AOSHENG special, Binzhou rig, Kawashima , Star of the East , Sanli , Wei Shinuo , Bo , high strength , vibration , and heavy machine Xin country , CRCC , Debon , China South Locomotive , Shaanxi construction Machinery , Kun -yu heavy Industries .

        Reporter believes that with the advance of urbanization , continuous release of 40 trillion investment in infrastructure , real estate investment rebounded and government infrastructure construction in the western region of acceleration, including transportation , water conservancy , urban construction, resources development , including development projects in full swing , providing a favorable market environment for foundation engineering machinery sales .

        International market, since 2005 thirty-one achieve export since rotary drilling rig to Sunward, XCMG , Sany , Yutong Heavy Industries and companies are represented Jintai increased export sales efforts , at present, the BRIC countries , Southeast Asia and Africa and other regions of increased demand , the export market will also become another major source of rotary drilling rig corporate profits.

        In the rapidly growing market holdings , the construction unit continued to reduce adverse circumstances , our rotary drilling rig manufacturers how to improve customer purchase intention , grasp quality customers , reduce customer risk overdue , a problem corporate priority.

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